PFiester’s PFilthy PFifties – Leg Workout

Posted: May 26, 2011 by Bonnie Pfiester in Lower Body, Weight Training, Workout
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Steve’s Favorite Leg Workout 

50 Leg Presses (or Squats. Steve does 3 plates on each side for Leg Press)
50 Walking Lunges (For example: Steve does 25lb dumbbells)
50 Leg Extensions (For Example: Steve does 80lb leg extention)

40 Leg Presses (increase weight)
40 Walking Lunges (increase weight)
40 Leg Extensions (increase weight)

30 Leg Presses (increase weight)
30 Walking Lunges (increase weight)
30 Leg Extensions (increase weight)

20 Leg Presses (increase weight)
20 Walking Lunges (increase weight)
20 Leg Extensions (increase weight)

10 Leg Presses (increase weight)
10 Walking Lunges (increase weight)
10 Leg Extensions (increase weight)
10 Prone Hamstring Curls (100lbs 10 sets of 10 with 15-30 second rest)
10 Sets of Straight Leg Dead Lifts (Straight bar with 1 45lb plate on each side, 10 sets of (10 with 15-30 second rest)


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