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TOOLS: Jump rope, Floor mat, PAIR 8LB DUMBBELLS or use pair of 1-gallon containers for 8.33lbs each


Warm up: Rhythmic (140 BPM)

8 Jog & 8 jax (4 sets)
8 Shuffle touch & 8 two step Heisman (4 sets)
8 Squat arm circles & 8 Cartwheels (arms out wide, side-bending side-to-side) (4 sets)
3 minutes jump rope

5 DOLLAR FOOTLONG (5/5/5 football stomp) (5 rounds)
Similar to running in place, begin football stomp by placing your feet in a wide slightly squatting stance,  running quickly in place on your toes, yelling as you count down (as seen in photo below & at the 20-second mark in the BCx Boot Camp video below). Finish by executing the coordinating exercise and then take 5 seconds to recover by shuffling.

5-second football stomp with 5 sprawls (Sprawl = jump to the floor belly down & pop back up)
(5-second shuffle to recover)
5-sec football stomp – 5 knee ups (Jumping high-knees)
(5-second shuffle to recover)
5-sec football stomp – 5 axe jax (Big plyometric jumping jack with leg spread wide)
(5-second shuffle to recover)
*stay on toes during FBS.
*Count down out loud.

GIRANIMO (3 sets)
Tools: floor mat
Maintain technique.  Perform all exercises for three sets without stopping.

25 X squats
15 Single leg squats L/R
60 sec Wall Sit
25 Bridges
15 Geronimo (reverse ham curl)

*X squats: start with a deep wide squat, forward jump into a sissy squat with feet together and jump forward again back into original squat position and return in reverse, pushing through your heels.
*single leg squats (photograph above) – goal is to bend weight bearing leg to 90deg.  Pushing through the heel.
**maintain midline stabilization through entire movement
*wall sit- knees and hips must maintain 90def of flexion.  Shoulders and head must stay in contact with the wall.
*bridges- lift buttocks past neutral and squeeze glutes.  Push off the backs of the heels not the bottom of your soles.
*Geronimo (video instruction below) – kneeling, facing away from the wall, with feet secure against wall.  Fall forward, using feet against the wall to control and slow engaging hamstrings.  Do not bend at hips. Push off the floor with hands and return upright. **maintain midline stabilization, hands by your chest to catch you.

Kempo/Calisthetics (4 rounds: Round 1-left/2-right/3-left/4-right)
Have fun with the fighting.  Use bags if available.
(perform on one side first, alternating sides each round)
Knee or Kick 1 = Front leg, Knee or Kick 2 = Back leg 

20 squat, cross (right hand punches across to left side)
20 squat, cross, knee 2 (like kneeing someone in the gut)
20 squat, cross, knee 2, squat, kick 1
20 Mountain Climbers
20 Burpees
20 High Knees

*good technique for squats and kiks
* turn rotate hips for power
*keep plyo soft and active.
**CSP for calisthenics applies

LLS (Lift/Lung/Sprint) (4 rounds)

Tools: 2 8-12lbs dumbbells
Keep dumbbells in tight for sumo high lift.  Full squat into upright row.  Set cones at 25 and 50 meters for

50m Lunges and 100-meter Sprint (there and back)
20 Sumo high lift (dumbbells)
50m Overhead Walking Lunges (walking lung with dumbbell – pictured left)
100-meter Sprint

*sumo high lift- complete squat into a upright row.  Maintain midline stabilization.  Push off heels.
**CSP for squat applies
*OHwalking lunges- active shoulder, bend back leg
**CSP for lunges apply

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