Ninja Legs

Posted: June 17, 2011 by Cristina McDaniel in Boot Camp, cardio, Glutes, Lower Body, Weight Training, Workout

Our BCx Club lower body workout for today… Instead of me (Cristina) explaining it, let Barb 🙂

“… it didn’t look like it was going to be that bad but all i have to say it felt like the hardest w/o I’ve ever done!!!!!!!

Thus – the NINJA workout – it sneaks right up on ya!

START with a 2 mile run – aim for your fastest time.

10 weighted ‘Waltz’ lunge/squats with bar across the back of your shoulders, feet together. Lunge forward with your right leg, come back to standing then side squat to the right this time bringing your left leg in to meet, beginning again with feet together, this time lunge forward with the left leg, back together and squat to the left. Your movement resembles the shape of goal post uprights – ↑↔↑ this is one full rep.

20 reverse Jax straddle the bench and hop both feet up onto the top. Now jump back down to straddling position. That’s one rep. 

10 front squatsholding your weight bar with an overhand grip, curl it up to your collarbone. let it roll back onto your fingertips and focus on lifting elbows parallel to the ceiling. You may use the bench as a marker to make sure you’re squatting low enough.

20 Box jumps hop right onto the bench and back down

10R/10L Lunge Kneeswith one foot up on bench, step back on the floor into a lunge then bring that knee up as you stand straight up onto leg that’s on the bench. These are going to BURN!

20 Ninja tuck jump w/ high knee start on knees on the floor. In one explosive jump, pounce up onto feet into a crouch. Stand up and jump with both knees coming up, tucking heels in.

Do this 4x through.

workout by Cristina McDaniel. You can find her on Facebook & Twitter!


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