Want a good full body/core conditioning workout? Well, hereyago!

This workout consists of 4 different circuits that you’ll do 3-4 rounds of, (3 is a great workout, 4 if you’re hardcore – yep, I said it… game on!). I love utilizing resistance bands, especially Bodylastics bands. Read Bonnie’s product review on Bodylastics bands for more information. This written workout matches Episode 48 on LiveExercise.com. More information on our LiveExercise show below the workout. Have fun!

10 Big Axe Jax (these are plyo jax where your jump out stage is in the air!)
10 Shoulder Press then 10 pulses (I use a green band with two handles and two feet stepping on it. 10-15lbDumbbells can be substituted here)
10 Big Axe Jax
10 Wall-ups then a 10 sec hold on hands with feet up (facing away from a door or wall, place your hands on the ground a few feet away then LIGHTLY step up the wall as far as you can then step back down. Up up down down is your rhythm) 


10 High Knees
10 Push ups then 10 sec hold in mid-push up position]
10 High Knees
10 Chest Press then 10 pulses (I used a double length red band in a door anchor armpit height. 10-15lb dumbbells can be substituted to chest press while lying supine on floor or bench)


10 Long Jump (5 BIG two-footed leaps out, 5 back. Land soft, utilize your arms for momentum.)
10 Bicep Curls with 10 pulses (I used a double length red band in a lower door anchor. 10-15lb dumbbells can be substituted.)
10 Long Jump
10 Tricep Extensions with 10 pulses (I used a double length green band in a high door anchor. dumbbells can be substituted here as well.)


10 Single Leg Heisman squats (I used a double length black band in a high door anchor to offset my weight and help with balance, this allowed me to squat deeper with more stability.) Holding handles laterally leap to the left side keeping right foot off  the ground. Then, extend right leg and squat tapping the heel of your left leg to the ground. All your weight should make that right leg BURN! Repeat on other side, that’s 2 reps)
10 Bicycle Crunches with 5 sec hold on each side (twist to the right then left = 1)
10 Single Leg Heisman
10 Roll Ups (Same band as for heismans. Grasp handles, lay back onto mat tucking knees in then roll/propel back up to standing position. EXTRA: add a hop for even more plyo and calorie burn!)

You can watch us do this workout online at liveexercise.com.
You have to register to watch all the shows, but it’s TOTALLY FREE!
Go to Chiseled Cardio and select episode 48!

All photos are from BCx Boot Camp in Vero Beach, Florida.



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