2 Minutes of the following 20 exercises –  (40 Minute Routine) + warm-up & cool-down
Complete with little to no rest in between each exercise for time. 

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  1. This was a MONSTER! Here are my numbers:
    1:Jump rope(232) 2:Pushups(45) 3:Situps(35) 4:Burpees(28) 5:Squats(52) 6:Wallsit(done) 7:Jax(116) 8:Mountain climbers(89) 9:Jump rope(246) 10:Situps(25) 11:Situps(22) 12:Burpees(23) 13:Situps(27) 14:Burpees(22) 15:Wallsit(done) 16:Pushups(40 on knees) 17:Squats(53) 18:Jump rope(250) 19:Jax(123) 20:Burpees(23)
    More than once I felt like puking! Ha!

  2. Pamela Smith says:


  3. ok…I can say that I did it! Here are my counts:
    Jump Rope:296 P.U.:61 sit up: 87 Burpee: 33 squat: 87 Wall sit: done Jax 131 Mtn Climbers 100 Jump Rope: 330 Sit up: 91 sit up: (again???) 101 Burpee: 35 sit up: (again!! lol) 99 Burpee (have I been here already??) 36 Wall sit done push ups: 68 (OMG!!) Squats: 115 Jump Rope 350 Jax: 147 Burpee: (of course -end on burpees!!) 31 then I went for a mile run to cool off!! haha..Who’s next??

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