GERONIMO – Lower Body Mission

Posted: August 14, 2011 by Bonnie Pfiester in Boot Camp, Glutes, Lower Body, Workout
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Maintain technique.  Perform all exercises for three sets without stopping. Not for time. (video below)

25 X squats (count: squat out 1, jump together, squat out 2)
15 Single leg squats L/R
60-Sec Wall Sit
25 Bridges
15 Geronimo (reverse ham curl)
(3 Sets) 

*X squats (plyo) start with a deep squat frwd jump into a sissy squat and jump frwd again back into a squat and return the same way. Push through your heels
*land soft, deep, and on your heels
*single leg squats- goal is to bend weight bearing leg to 90 degree.  Pushing through the heel. 
*maintain midline stabilization through entire movement
*wall sit- knees and hips must maintain 90 degree of flexion.  Shoulders and head must stay in contact with the wall
*bridges- lift buttocks past neutral and squeeze gluteals.  Push off the backs of the heels not the bottom of your soles.
*Geronimo- feet secure against wall.  Fall forward controlled and slow engaging hamstrings.  Do not bend at hips.
*maintain midline stabilization, hands by your chest to catch you

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