Posted: August 14, 2011 by Bonnie Pfiester in Boot Camp, Conditioning
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BCx Mission executed with sand bag.  Perform as fast as possible for 5 rounds without compromising technique.

20 Boxer shuffle
30 OverHead Walking Lung (OHWL)
40 OverHead Buttkiks (OH)
50 Supine Flutter Kicks (holding sand bag over head)
(5 Rounds – Document Time)

*shuffle touch- light on toes, do not touch ground
*hold sand bag tight to chest, manage tight midline 
*OHWL- keep elbows and shoulders high and engaged, drop back knee down
* Knee tracks over foreward toe, keep load over midline
*OHbuttkiks- Heels are as close to glutes as possible, Shoulders and elbows high
*maintain strict midline stabilization
*Flutter kiks- arms locked holding sand bag above head, shoulder blades off the ground, feet no lower than 6 inches and no higher than 24 inches
*maintain posterior pelvic tilt tight against the ground


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