Tuesday Upper Body Workout with Banjo 9/13

Posted: September 18, 2011 by Bonnie Pfiester in Boot Camp, Conditioning, Upper Body, Workout
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Workout by BCx Trainer at Max Fitness: BANJO

Warm up: (white 8lb body bar)
Jack press 15 (4ct)
10/10 lunge press
(alternating lunge & shoulder press)
15 squat press
(full squat & shoulder press)
15 jack press (4ct)
Jack Presses are a jumping jack with a shoulder press 
4ct jax = 30 single count jax
5 reg
ular pushups// football 
stomps (5-seconds)
5 triangle pushups//football stomps (5-seconds)
5 wide pushups//football stomps (5-seconds)
5/5 alligator pushups//football stomps (5-seconds)
5 4-count pushups//football stomps (5-seconds)
5 football stomps 

HOW TO:Triangle pushups: hands are under the chest, together in a shape of a triangle
Alligator pushups are hands staggered – one out in front, one close by yourside) 
4-Count pushups – slow pushups counting 1 at bottom, 2 1/3 way up, 2 at 1/2 way and 4 at the top and repeat.
Football stomps are a fast, low run in place in a squatting position. (exercise being done at 22 seconds in this video)

 (short sets to maintain quality of pushups and confidence builder for those returning, stomp keeps energy up and shakes out arms, FBB is really a cardio pushup, working chest and tri)
10 pullups (orange band, black band, wall, or spot only)//pattycake 4ct  x2 rounds
first person helps second person safely put band on foot, and potentially may spot person with pullup if necessary
after each person completes 10 pullups, pair faces each other arms distance apart, tap hands to middle pattycake style
10 standing row (blue or red for women, black or bluc for men)//stacks x 2 rounds
first person stands and rows emphasis on form, chest out, shoulders down, neck relaxed, knees bent
while one on row, other person in pushup position over stack of plates, one hand at a time moving plates into two separate piles, and then back to center
10/10 plank row x 3
in pushup position with 1 dumbbell, 10 rows per side, for 3 sets
10 standing shoulder press
10 ground to overhead (straight leg deadlift to overhead shoulder press)
(emphasis on difference between the 3 moves
-15 sec break
10 standing shoulder press
10 squat press (deep squat & shoulder press when standing)
(again emphasis on difference between, and when to default to push press from regular press, and to drive through on squat press)
-15 sec break
10 prone curl (leg curl with bodylastics bands)
(emphasis on dif between clean and prone curl)
isometric bicep hold 30 sec (Hold bicep curl position 1/2 way)
(emphasis between ground to overhead and clean and press)
bearcrawl to pull-up bars (in Max BCX room – 25 feet)
10 shoulder press
backward bear (25 feet)
bars at pullup side of room, class on front wall, if large class, have half start on wallups, and half start on bear crawl
(bearcrawl uses entire body, but felt in shoulders after shoulder workout, especially backward bear)
– water break
10 shoulder press
10 bicep curl
10 clean and press
10 rounds
downward dog (use as stretch), into pushup position and forward with emphasis on shoulders stacked over wrists hold each for 30 sec x 3
dive bombers x 5 (knowing it will look really bad, but putting in their head how to work into it)
Bars were primarily 20# women/30# men, if anyone wanted more they were offered, or if it appeared too easy
As such, bear was tough for endurance at end of workout, but competely doable at the light weight
Everything was in short duration with light weight, because its week one, and while it may seem like just routine wt exercises, it kept switching to next muscle group before failure or poor form, as well as moving around the room for different sets. Game at end, that race against time also pushed people to go past comfortable and think more about end goal of 10 rounds.
Notice we started with major muscle groups, chest/back, to get the more difficult items (pushups/pullups) done while fresh and move to smaller groups. Triceps were not addressed specifically, but are involved in pushups.

Banjo is a firefighter paramedic & Certified Trainer at Max Fitness, pictured above doing a 30-story Stair Climb for American Cancer Society
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