Good Old Fashioned Drill Day

Posted: October 3, 2011 by Bonnie Pfiester in Boot Camp, Conditioning, Full Body, Workout
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workout created by Banjo, BCx Boot Camp at Max Fitness Club Vero Beach, FL
Do as much as you can or pick and choose your drills. Workout time depends on your fitness level. Share your times and feedback in comments! 🙂 

Drill Day: (do this for time to increase intensity)
(warm up)
10 Squat
Football Stomp (running in place in a low squat)
10 Push-up
10 Mountain Climber
Football Stomp
10 Burpee
10 pushup jax (push-up then hop feet out wide & back together while remaining in push-up position, repeat)
10 Push-up

Football Stomp


Kicks: Not for time – work on form (video instructions coming soon to

10 Front kick alt leg(4-countt)
10 back kick alt leg(4-count)
10/10 side kick right/left
10 squat front kick alt leg
10 squat back kick alt leg
10/10 squat side kick right/left
10/10 squat front/squat side/squat back kick r/l


10 elbow hit, knee to face r
10 elbow hit, knee to face l
10 Duck upper cut, front kick kick r
10 duck upper cut, front kick kick l
10 FBB (4 beat), jump back (4beat)
(entire sequence right, entire sequence left)


BCx Outside: (do this for time to increase intensity. Workout partners can take a circuit and swap. Circuit 2 will finish when circuit 1 is done. Can be done in a race fashion.)

Circuit 1

25 meter 20 ground to overhead with DB
25m waiter walk (DB held overhead)
25 meter 20 ground to overhead
Every other length farmer carry in between, every other length waiter walk, 20 ground to overhead at each corner


Circuit 2

10 burpie/box jump (jump up in between each burpee)
10 dips off box
10 feet up pushups (feet elevated on box, bench or ball)
10 side step-overs


BCx Drills: (do this for time to increase intensity and to track progress later)

10 Pushups
10 burpees
10 triangle pushups (hands together under chest where finger & thumb make a triangle)
10 squat thrust
10 wide pushups (hands out wide)
10 Flat Belly Burpee (same as a burpee, but you complete go flat on your belly instead of plank when you kick your legs out)
10 plyo alligator pushup (hands staggered – 5 push ups left hand forward, 5/right)
10 Plyo Scissors (Mary Catherines)
10 dive bombers
10 burpees


BCx Games: (1 round for time)
100 jump rope
80 sit-ups
60 air squats (regular squats with no weight – going deep and pumping fast)
40 burpees
20 pull-ups

  1. Dawn says:

    WOW that was awesome! I did kicks, BCX games and warm up and part of BCX drills.. had to take son to school but in 40 min burned almost 500 calories Yipeeeee! Thanks Bonnie

  2. taunie says:

    Don’t really understand the Circuit One COuld you explain more?

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