SEVEN UP – BCx Upper Body Workout

Posted: October 7, 2011 by Bonnie Pfiester in Abs & Core, Boot Camp, Upper Body, Weight Training
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7-Minute Jog or Elliptical or BCx Warm-Up

UPPER BODY CIRCUIT(2x thru, first time 1min 30sec, second time 1 min) 

pull ups or pull downs
flat belly lat row, superman position (face down) on a bench, similar to bent over row
bench press
upright row
overhead 2 hand tricep ext
squat press (thrusters)

superman position (laying face down, stay in the upward position) with 2.5lb plate, or small dumbbell, in hands
    arms forward V hold for 30 sec, then 20 pusles
    rest 15 sec
    arms out to side hold for 30 sec, then bend elbows bring hands to head and back out (under arrest) 20 pulses
    rest 15 sec
    arms back palms up hold for 30 sec, straight arm tricep ext 20 pulses
    (all of these done with only thing touching floor is the belly)
inchworm 40 ft (bend over, placing hands on the ground, walk hands out to plank,  hop feet forward & repeat)
alligator pushup walk 20ft

(Approx 15-20min)
7 Sumo High Pull
7 box jump
7 push press
7 double unders (jump rope passes 2x under for 1 jump or do singles and multiply by 7….so 49 jump rope)
7 clean and press
7 squat thrust
7 pushups

(women 25-35#, Men 30-50#)

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