H1N1 Workout – One SICK Workout!

Posted: January 24, 2012 by Bonnie Pfiester in Boot Camp, Chest, Upper Body
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Pull Ups – Most you can do in 10 seconds
10 Rounds of as many as you can in “10 Mississippi” time 

Quick Rest

3-Position Push Ups 
10 standard push=ups with feet floor
6 with feet 36″ up on wall
4 with feet 5′ up on wall
5 Rounds 

Tabata Push Ups
(20 seconds on, 10 seconds off for 8 rounds)
Immediately in to Plank – hold for as long as you can stand it – no less than 1 – 3 minutes.


1 Minute Plank
25 Bycicle Crunches
10 Turkish Get Ups (20lb dumbbell – one side only each round)*
4 Rounds (*switching Right or Left each round for Turkish Get ups)

  1. This workout was brutal. the 36″ up the wall push ups were the toughest. No question on both fat burning and muscle building

    • Since only “The Boys” did this yesterday, I’ve gotta try this one now! …and was wondering how that push up set would go. It looks painful!!! Steve said you guys dubbed it H1N1 ’cause it will leave you achey and feeling like you’ve got the flu. ha! too funny!

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