KILL BILL Workout…and Ed, and Suzy, and Tom, and…

Posted: March 14, 2012 by Bonnie Pfiester in Abs & Core, cardio, Conditioning, Core
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This workout is truly a Killer! Steve is limping out the door as I type. Here was today’s workout:

1/2 mile run (outside or on treadmill)

25 Air Squats

25 Squat Thrust

25 Get Ups (no weight, no hands. Get up from laying down similar to turkish getup)

25 Cartwheels (Fast Side Bends – serious oblique work, prepare to be SORE)*

25 Hanging Knees


(Jim Gallagher won at 38:30 minutes. Last guy in at 49 minutes)

*CART WHEELS: Standing with feet wide apart. Hold hands out to side in a T. Bend quickly from side to side,  waving hands where one hand points the sky and the bottom hand is back behind the butt and visible between the legs. This exercise works the core/oblique area.


  1. Vanessa says:

    Where can I find a demonstration of the cart wheels?

    • We don’t have one – the description is in red. Think of it like you are waving your hands back and forth really big, so your upper body is swaying side to side while your lower body stays locked still from the waist down.

  2. Going to do this one tonight. Will post times for each set.

  3. Ok, Bonnie. Here are my times. 12:40 11:58 11:26 12:11 I was picking up the pace each round until the last one. Kind of ran our of steam. Dripping wet. Awesome workout.

  4. […] The Challenge of the Week comes from none other than Steve and Bonnie Pfiester, creators of Do BCx Boot Camp. Here is the link to the original workout which is affectionately called, KILL BILL Workout…and Ed, and Suzy, and Tom, and… […]

    • Steve said to be sure to include all rest times – start to finish. The fastest guy in Steve’s BCx group finished 38 minutes, with the last guy in at 49 minutes. The 1/2 mile they ran was actually a little longer than a half mile. They rocked it. Also, try doing the Get Ups with No Hands! 🙂 WOOT!

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