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BCx Slam, Roll, Toes2


Click on the links below to see video instruction:

Medicine Ball Slam (We use a soft med ball)

Decline Roll Up (or Reverse Crunch)

Toes to Bar

BCx Trainers: This workout is designed for training groups of 3 or more.

BCxers: If you are doing this solo, start by timing your reps at station #1. Use that time to set your pace for #2 and #3. If you are doing this with a workout partner, Rotate  stations #2 and #3 each round (do #1 and #2, then do #1 and #3).

pull upsSet up 3 stations:
#1 Pull up bar
#2 Resistance bands with low attachment
#3 Floor space.

The person at the #1 pull up bar station sets the pace for the other stations.

The Workout:

#1 5 Pull Ups & 10 Toes to Bar X 2
#2 Band Adduction Iso Hold
#3 Push Ups

#2 & #3 continue until #1 is finished with 2 sets of pull ups and toes to bar. Then everyone switches stations until they’ve hit each station. Complete 5 rounds. Watch the video to see the pace and feel of the workout.

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5-Minute Abs Circuit

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Do each exercise for 60 seconds each, back to back, with little to no rest between exercises. I use the Gymboss Interval Timer to track my time.

crunches1. Burpees
2. Sit Ups
3. Oblique Crunch (L)
4. Oblique Crunch (R)
5. Plate Crunch 25lb plate or 15lb-25lb dumbbell

Repeat 3 – 5 times

Design Your Abs Workout

Posted: July 6, 2012 by Bonnie Pfiester in Abs & Core
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 Old School Ab Workout:

  Simple, Challenging & Effective!

25 Sit Ups

25 Knee Roll Ups or Toes to Bar (pictured left)

25 Oblique Crunches (on each side – 50 total)

    Repeat for 3 Rounds

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If you train at home and are limited on gym equipment, consider picking up a used tire from tractor sales or repair store. Often times you can get a used one free!

GNC Tractor Abs Workout
25 Crunches
25 V-Ups
25 Back Extension (GHD-Glute Ham Developer)
25 Oblique Twist (repeat 25 on each side)
25 Lower Body Raises

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Workout by Steve Pfiester
FitFluential LLC compensated me for this Campaign. All opinions are my own.

This workout is truly a Killer! Steve is limping out the door as I type. Here was today’s workout:

1/2 mile run (outside or on treadmill)

25 Air Squats

25 Squat Thrust

25 Get Ups (no weight, no hands. Get up from laying down similar to turkish getup)

25 Cartwheels (Fast Side Bends – serious oblique work, prepare to be SORE)*

25 Hanging Knees


(Jim Gallagher won at 38:30 minutes. Last guy in at 49 minutes)

*CART WHEELS: Standing with feet wide apart. Hold hands out to side in a T. Bend quickly from side to side,  waving hands where one hand points the sky and the bottom hand is back behind the butt and visible between the legs. This exercise works the core/oblique area.


BE MY VALENFINE! Yes, I said ValenFINE! This workout, just posted on FitStudio, is strong enough for a man, but made for a woman! It’s all about melting fat and toning women’s key body parts: the abs and the glutes. Sure, guys can do it too! Give it a try and let us know what you think!

You can view the entire written workout and video HERE!


7-Minute Jog or Elliptical or BCx Warm-Up

UPPER BODY CIRCUIT(2x thru, first time 1min 30sec, second time 1 min) 

pull ups or pull downs
flat belly lat row, superman position (face down) on a bench, similar to bent over row
bench press
upright row
overhead 2 hand tricep ext
squat press (thrusters)

superman position (laying face down, stay in the upward position) with 2.5lb plate, or small dumbbell, in hands
    arms forward V hold for 30 sec, then 20 pusles
    rest 15 sec
    arms out to side hold for 30 sec, then bend elbows bring hands to head and back out (under arrest) 20 pulses
    rest 15 sec
    arms back palms up hold for 30 sec, straight arm tricep ext 20 pulses
    (all of these done with only thing touching floor is the belly)
inchworm 40 ft (bend over, placing hands on the ground, walk hands out to plank,  hop feet forward & repeat)
alligator pushup walk 20ft

(Approx 15-20min)
7 Sumo High Pull
7 box jump
7 push press
7 double unders (jump rope passes 2x under for 1 jump or do singles and multiply by 7….so 49 jump rope)
7 clean and press
7 squat thrust
7 pushups

(women 25-35#, Men 30-50#)


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3 sets of 25 Weighted Crunches (Perform with dumbbell or plate weight behind the head)

3 sets of 25 Side V-Ups (Note: you should be balancing between between your side & your back with your obliques are facing up)

3 sets of 25 Roll-Ups (roll your knees into your chest more and lift a your butt up toward the ceiling upon crunching. Don’t extend the legs back out) 

3 sets of 25 Plank Pulses


Here’s a fun video of our BCx Trainers, Cristina & Jaimee doing one of our BCx Ab Workouts. Follow the BCx Workout online print it, see instructional video or join the BCx Boot Camp Program FREE at 

The 30 Second SuperSet

Posted: July 4, 2011 by Bonnie Pfiester in Abs & Core, Boot Camp, Full Body

The following workout is 2 of Bonnie’s Missions for BCx Boot Camp. Give it a try & post your comments below!

30/30, 4 sets of 1-Minute Super Sets
(30 seconds of one exercise and immediately doing 30 seconds of the next exercise.)

NOTE: This is a task drill. Another words, instead of tracking how fast you do a certain task (for time), you will track how well you do the task (how many reps and weight you do) to show intensity and progress.

:30 Shoulder Press
:30 Front Plank (holding push-up position)

:30 Prisoner Sissy Squats (hands on the back of the head, squatting with feet together on balls of the feet)
:30 Calf Raises on Wall (sitting against a wall, raising calves)

:30 Tricep Extensions
:30 Dip Hold (sitting in the crab position, lift your butt off the floor with your arms and hold – or hold in the upright position of a standard dip exercise)

:30 Rear Lunge
:30 Spidy Climb (spidy climb is version of a mountain climber but you step your foot up just OUTSIDE your hands for a wide stretch and more intense workout)

:30 Bent Over Row
:30 Straight Leg Dead Lift

30/10 – 3 sets (30 seconds of activity, 10 seconds rest)
NOTE: Track reps for each exercise, for each set.

:30 Sit-ups
:10 Rest
:30 Ankle Reach Crunch (crunching with your hands stretched out on either side of you, reaching for your ankles)
:10 Rest
:30 Alternate Reach Crunches (With feet raised, crunch up reaching both hands to the right of your toes, then left and forward each count)
:10 Rest
:30 Leg Lift  (Keeping legs straight, lift feet toward the ceiling and then lower slowly, lifting again before they touch the floor)
:10 Rest
:30 Leg Lift and Twist – oblique’s  (Laying on the ground, extend legs straight out, then lean legs to one side slightly, twisting the hips a bit, lift your feet straight up toward you and then extend back out straight repeat on other side for one count)
:10 Rest

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