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FOR EXTREME CARDIO THRILL SEEKERS ONLY! Perky Jerky is known for their love for extreme sports and extreme snacks, so we put together an extreme workout just for our Perky Jerky friends! If you like to get your heart rate up and burn a ton of calories, then do these exercises 3 rounds for time for the most intensity.
Plyo Jumps
Plyo Surfers
Squat & Press

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Strength & Cardio Workout using a Tractor Tire.

Tractor Conditioning Workout
10 Alternating Sledge Hammer
10 Hop Overs
10 Inverted Push Ups
10 Skaters
10 Squat Jacks
10 Alternated Sledge Hammer

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Workout by Steve Pfiester
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Here’s our last workout for the month posted on FitStudio designed by Steve Pfiester.
Give it a go and let’s shed some FAT!

Gear you’ll need:
Jump rope
Bar and plates
Chin-up/pull-up bar

The workout:
15 reps Clean & Press
15 reps Double Unders
15 reps Push Press
15 reps Double Unders
15 reps Toes to Bar
Complete four rounds for time.


This workout is truly a Killer! Steve is limping out the door as I type. Here was today’s workout:

1/2 mile run (outside or on treadmill)

25 Air Squats

25 Squat Thrust

25 Get Ups (no weight, no hands. Get up from laying down similar to turkish getup)

25 Cartwheels (Fast Side Bends – serious oblique work, prepare to be SORE)*

25 Hanging Knees


(Jim Gallagher won at 38:30 minutes. Last guy in at 49 minutes)

*CART WHEELS: Standing with feet wide apart. Hold hands out to side in a T. Bend quickly from side to side,  waving hands where one hand points the sky and the bottom hand is back behind the butt and visible between the legs. This exercise works the core/oblique area.


Today’s BCx Express Workout at Max Fitness 
30-Minute Workout designed to make the most of your time – a fast pace, fat-melting, body sculpting workout! As Steve says, “YUMMY!” If you like this workout, Subscribe to our BCx Boot Camp workout blog to get more fresh new workouts!

Click on the FitStudio exercise link for video instruction for each exercise.

3 Minutes of Roll-Over Get Ups*
3 Minutes of Plank

Roll-Over Get Ups: Start flat on your back each time, arms overhead and knuckles touching the ground. Legs outstretched with heels touching the floor. Rollover and standup however you want, raise your hands overhead and start over. 

ROUND @: 15-Minute Mission
15 Squat Presses with 25lb sandbag
15 Mountain Climbers
15 Sit Ups
15 Burpees
1/8 Run mile lap
Repeat as many times as you can do it in 15 minutes

150 Jump Rope / or 30 Double Unders
5 Pushups
5 Wall Ups
Mountain Climbers
2 Times Through 

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Here’s your Poop Sandwich!  This simple recipe of sweat features lots of delicious training smack in between 2 moist 1-mile runs. It will take roughly an hour. ENJOY the taste of pain!

1 Mile Run
300 Air Squats
200 Push Ups
100 Pull Ups
1 Mile Run

Workout by BCx Trainer: Erin Boyajian (AKA: Banjo)

This workout will make your muscles burn, your heart pound and the sweat fall off onto the floor. Work hard and fast for 45 seconds. You have 15 seconds to make it to the next “station” and get set up for the next exercise. Review the video for tools you need. You can modify this workout to use no weight for the squats, reverse lunges and crunch & punch if needed. You can also use dumbbells, kettlebells and bands to complete this mission. Now go WORK!!

(see video for a quick view of each exercise)
Chest Press
Crunch and Punch
High Pull
Reverse Lunge
Push Press (Thrusters)

60 Second Sprint at 10% incline
30 Seconds Air Squats (feet straddling the belt, pump out as many as you can)
30 Seconds of recovery (ie: walk at 2.0mph)

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This is one Fast and Furious workout for sure!! Sprints make it super intense and the squat presses kill the legs, glutes and shoulders. All in all, your entire body will be toast when this is over and all you needed was a barbell or set of dumbbells. Alright, it’s time to give it all you got!! Post your times in comments below for added accountability. Train Hard!

4 Rounds for Time:
1/4 Mile Sprint
Squat press (Thrusters) 35-45lb for women 55-65lb for men

NOTE: Sprint, not jog, not walk, not limp – SPRINT!!  🙂 On the Thrusters, squat down to 15″ box/aerobics step with risers. You can use a stool, piano bench or folding chair for a guide to hold you accountable. Your rear should lightly touch (not rest) on the box (or stool) to reference depth of each squat. GET-R-DONE!!

2 Minutes of the following 20 exercises –  (40 Minute Routine) + warm-up & cool-down
Complete with little to no rest in between each exercise for time. 

4-Part Full Body Workout

1. FAT BURN LEG CIRCUIT leg, cardio, conditioning

Dumbbell Squats (2 sets x 25 reps) )

Walking Lunges for 25 steps (2 sets)

Ski Jumps (1 set 25)

TREADMILL: 2-Minute Jog, 2-Minute Run, and 1-Minute Walk on treadmill Treadmill

OR 2 Minute Jump Rope, 2-Minute Butt Kicks , 1-Minute Walk in Place (for cool down)

2. FAT BURN CHEST & CORE CIRCUIT chest, core, conditioning, upper body, cardio