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RAW WORKOUT: Compliments of GNC’s Beyond Raw line.

Tools: Kettlebell or dumbbell
Workout: 6 Exercises, 10 Reps, 3 Rounds

1.) Oblique Crunch
2.) Turkish Get Up
3.) Snatch
4.) Hip Drive
5.) Lunge
6.) Goblet Squat

Pace should be fast – no rest, paced for best time.

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5 Exercises, 4 Rounds: 45 seconds ON, 15 seconds OFF.

#1 Goblet Squat
#2 Turkish Getup
#3 Romanian Deadlift (Split Squat)
#4 Hip Drive (Kettlebell Swing)
#5 Clean & Press

Steve shows the exercises, as well as desired pace he’d like you to shoot for! Let us know how you do!