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Leg Circuit

Do the follow circuit for 5 rounds: 

Round 1: 50 seconds on, 10 off
Round 2: 45 seconds on, 10 off
Round 3: 40 seconds on, 10 off
Round 4: 35 seconds on, 10 off
Round 5: 30 seconds on, 10 off

Glute Circuit

20 reps each for 3 Rounds

Curtsy (Right)
Curtsy (Left)

Warm Up

10 Minutes of Elliptical, Treadmill or Stepper

 Leg Workout

Using the Gymboss Interval Timer, set the timer for 40 seconds of work, followed by 20 seconds of rest. Do 3-4 sets each (of both left and right leg) exercise in the following order, with NO rest between sets and exercises. The strength portion of this workout should only take 20 minutes for 4 sets of each.

 • One-Leg Press Leg Press or Single Leg Squat
(Unse a orange, black or red Bodylastics band, anchored high, for assistance)  Max Fitness Members: Use #20 Plate-loaded machine or #23 selectorized machine or bands (in BCx boot camp room)

 • Walking Lunges
Use 10lb-20lbs dumbbells for women and 30-40lbs for men  

 • One-Leg Leg Extension
Max Fitness Members: Use #9 Hammer Strength Leg machine

 • One-Leg Dumbbell Straight Leg Dead Lifts
Max Fitness Members: Use Dumbbells or barbells 

 • Single Leg Curl        
Max Fitness Members: Use #10 or #11 Hammer Strength Machines

Cool Down Cardio

Do 10 minutes for a cool down or do 30-45 minutes cardio for fat burning. Doing cardio after your workout will help you burn primarily body fat.

Try more Max Method Workouts and Gymboss Interval timers are available for free at Max Fitness in Vero Beach. Located behind Outback on US1. CLICK HERE for a free week pass.

Steve Pfiester explains his lower body workout for the 2nd half of the Summer Shape Up Challenge at Designer Whey.

Complete 15 of each exercise:

SEGMENT #1 (right leg first)
Plyo Squats
Side Kicks
Quadruped Circles
(repeat on left leg)

1 Leg Roll Ups
Lunge Knees (Step ups)
Squat Abduction

Straight Leg Deadlifts
Hamstring Curls

This is one of four lower body workouts designed by Steve Pfiester to be a part of Designer Whey‘s Summer Shape Up Challenge. You can do it alone, or you can try their other workouts at


1st Circuit
Complete the following exercises for 45 seconds on, and then 15 seconds of rest
Air Squats
Hamstring Curls

2nd Circuit
Complete the following exercises 20 repetitions each.
20 Long Jump
20 Goblet Squat
20 Dumbbell Over & Back Lunge (10 reps on each side)

3rd Circuit
Complete each exercise for 30 seconds each, remaining on the same leg throughout the circuit, and then repeating circuit on the opposite leg.
Runner’s Pose
Warrior I
Warrior II
Warrior III

Get ready to sweat & tone that Beautiful Bikini Bottom!

BEACH BODY WARM UPBcx Express™ Warm Up

20 Crisscross Squat (Burn fat & tone those thighs!)
20 Sumo Squat (Glutes & inner thigh – go deep!)
20 Overhead Walking Lunges
20 Curtsy/LEFT (Keep weight off back leg!)
20 Runner’s Pose Stomp/LEFT (Burn those buns!!)
20 Curtsy/RIGHT
20 Runner’s Pose Stomp/RIGHT

(Repeat 3 X with no rest between exercises)

Here is a workout dedicated to the gluteus maximus! 🙂 CLICK HERE to view the entire workout on FitStudio, see video and give it a try!

This is one Fast and Furious workout for sure!! Sprints make it super intense and the squat presses kill the legs, glutes and shoulders. All in all, your entire body will be toast when this is over and all you needed was a barbell or set of dumbbells. Alright, it’s time to give it all you got!! Post your times in comments below for added accountability. Train Hard!

4 Rounds for Time:
1/4 Mile Sprint
Squat press (Thrusters) 35-45lb for women 55-65lb for men

NOTE: Sprint, not jog, not walk, not limp – SPRINT!!  🙂 On the Thrusters, squat down to 15″ box/aerobics step with risers. You can use a stool, piano bench or folding chair for a guide to hold you accountable. Your rear should lightly touch (not rest) on the box (or stool) to reference depth of each squat. GET-R-DONE!!

Maintain technique.  Perform all exercises for three sets without stopping. Not for time. (video below)

25 X squats (count: squat out 1, jump together, squat out 2)
15 Single leg squats L/R
60-Sec Wall Sit
25 Bridges
15 Geronimo (reverse ham curl)
(3 Sets) 

*X squats (plyo) start with a deep squat frwd jump into a sissy squat and jump frwd again back into a squat and return the same way. Push through your heels
*land soft, deep, and on your heels
*single leg squats- goal is to bend weight bearing leg to 90 degree.  Pushing through the heel.  (more…)

TIP: 5 Ways to do a Squat

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Foot placement can totally change your leg workout when it comes to squats and leg press. Here are a few tips to arranging your feet and weight to hit the areas you want to target most.

BUTT WHY? Lower Body Mission

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LOWER BODY BCx BOOT CAMP WORKOUT FitStudio teaser (from our 6-week boot camp coming soon to FitStudio, powered by Sears)  TOOLS: 20LBS SAND BAG (who says you need weights!) 2 1-GALLON WATER JUGS (or dumbbells) JUMP ROPE FLOOR MAT (or towel) You can still do this workout even if you have nothing. Pretend to jump rope and use your own body weight as resistance – the workout will still be very challenging. If you want to be creative, look around your house and use something of weight to add to your program, like our 1-gallon of water suggestion. 🙂 BCx TIP: 1 Gallon of Water weighs 8.33lbs WARM-UP: Rhythmic (140 BPM) TIP: Get music to set the pace at – available FREE!8 Jogs & 8 jaxs (4 sets) 8 Shuffle touch (shuffle to the right, touch the ground, shuffle left and touch) & 8 two-step hiesman (4 sets) 8 squat arm circles & 8 side to side reach over (with both arms out, lean and stretch arms to the extreme left & then right) (4 sets) 3 minutes jump rope


PT TEST (entire circuit done for time) 100 jump rope 25 sit ups 25 push ups 25 burpees 100 jump rope

 Document time.

  SQUAT/DEADLIFT (2 rounds) Tools: 2 1-gallon water jugs This mission is not for time.  Emphasize technique an form. (COMPLETE SQUATS, DEAD LIFTS, AND LUNGES WITH WATER JUGS OR DUMBBELLS) 25 Squats (with jugs on chest or on the shoulders) 15 Single Leg Deadlifts  Left side, then Right with jugs (also called 1-leg Romanian dead lift, looks like an oil pump going up & down – pictured left) 25 step back lunges/25 knee repeaters L/R (jugs) 25 Bridges (bilateral -both legs) 20 Bridges (unilateral – one leg only) L/R (repeat)

TIPS: SQUATS MUST BE PERFORMED WITH MIDLINE STABILIZATION AND BUTTOX BELOW KNEE WITH KNEES TRACKING STRICTLY OVER TOES. UNILATERAL DEAD LIFT MUST BE EXECUTED WITH STRICT MIDLINE STABILIZATION (CORE TIGHT & BODY CENTERED). BRIDGES ARE EXECUTED WITH A HIGH LIFT THROUGH THE HIPS SQUEEZING GLUTEALS AT END RANGE. THE JERK (4 rounds/3 minutes) 30 seconds situps between rounds TOOLS: 20lb sand bags & 2 1-gallon water jugs (or dumbbells) Unlike the last Mission, this Mission can be done fast and sloppy (hence the name, you will likely be jerking that weight around and doing everything you can to get it up in the air by the time you get toward the end) .

WORKOUT DESCRIPTION: Begin by holding sand bag up to your chest (or 25lb dog or cat – just kidding) while standing in a squatting position, stand and press over head and repeat 25 reps as fast as possible. Then do 50 Buttkiks holding water jugs (yes, no rest for your arms & hands). Complete 25 presses/50 butt-kicks as many times as possible every three minutes, ending with an additional 30 seconds of sit-ups.  (3 minutes) X’s four rounds 25 Thrusters – use 20 lbs sand bag  (use any tool 10-25 pounds) 50 Butt kiks – use  (2) 1-gallon water jugs (count every time your right foot strikes the ground)