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Poop Sandwich Suicide

Posted: December 27, 2011 by Bonnie Pfiester in Conditioning, Full Body, No Equipment
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Sandwiched between varying runs (perfect for treadmill owners) is a delicious set of suicide exercises. By the time you are done, you’ll have run approximately 3 miles and completed 220 reps of every exercise. Enjoy the taste of body transformation!  (written by Steve Pfiester)

Run .2 miles run .4 miles .6 miles                  .8 1 mile
2 rounds of 4 rounds of 6 rounds of 8 rounds of 10 rounds of
2 sit ups 4 sit ups 6 sit ups 8 sit ups 10 sit ups
2 burpees 4 burpees 6 burpees 8 burpees 10 burpees
2 plyo box    jumps 4 plyo box jumps 6 plyo box jumps 8 plyo box jumps 10 plyo box jumps
2 pull ups 4 pull ups 6 pull ups 8 pull ups 10 pull ups
2 push ups 4 push ups 6 push ups 8 push ups 10 push ups

Note: You can replace pull ups with pull downs (using resistance bands) if needed. If you do not have a step or box to safely jump up on, replace that exercise with double high knees (one big jump with both knees bending up) or you can jump over a pillow – anything to get you to jump high. 🙂


Here’s your Poop Sandwich!  This simple recipe of sweat features lots of delicious training smack in between 2 moist 1-mile runs. It will take roughly an hour. ENJOY the taste of pain!

1 Mile Run
300 Air Squats
200 Push Ups
100 Pull Ups
1 Mile Run

Workout by BCx Trainer: Erin Boyajian (AKA: Banjo)