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Push-Press & Pull Ups

10 Push-presses


10 Rounds

Can’t do a pull up? Here’s a video on ways to modify pull-ups to get the most out of this workout! 🙂



Reediculous Shoulder Workout 
10 Reediculous Shoulder Press
10 Reediculous Lateral Raise
10 Reediculous Front Raise
10 2-Pump Rear Delt Fly

(repeat 3 x)

Here’s our last workout for the month posted on FitStudio designed by Steve Pfiester.
Give it a go and let’s shed some FAT!

Gear you’ll need:
Jump rope
Bar and plates
Chin-up/pull-up bar

The workout:
15 reps Clean & Press
15 reps Double Unders
15 reps Push Press
15 reps Double Unders
15 reps Toes to Bar
Complete four rounds for time.


If you’ve watched Ultimate Fighter, you’ve seen the contestants do more than just work on their punches and ground game – they train to be in the ultimate shape so they can outlast their opponent. It’s not enough just to be strong, to be fast or to be skilled if you run out of breath. Conditioning training is essential – and that is training that combines strength and stamina. If done right, you should be breathing like you’ve never breathed before – like you are gasping for your very last breath. When you work that hard, it’s just a natural primal instinct – an instinct of just trying to stay alive. That’s why we named this RAW (Ridiculous A**Kicking Workout, dedicated to GNC Beyond Raw) PRIMAL. Enjoy!

Watch, while Steve Pfiester, trainer for ABC & VH1 weight loss reality shows, puts MMA fighters through this RAW workout in the BCx gym. Then follow the written workout below and let us know how you do! (NOTE: Optional exercises and video demonstration linked below to replace exercises requiring tools you may not have access too)



Clean & Press (you don’t need to go back to the floor on this one) & Double Unders
3 Sets: 20 reps, 15 reps, 10 reps (NO REST between sets)

Slam Ball, Ropes (or fast Front Raises), 80lb Heavy Bag Walking Lunges (or Overhead Walking Lunges)
3 Sets: 20 reps, 15 reps, 10 reps (NO REST between sets)

Push Press & Tire Wars (or Plyo Alligator Push-Ups)
3 Sets: 20 reps, 15 reps, 10 reps (NO REST between sets)

Wall-Ups, 6′ Bear Crawl & Push Ups
10 Wall-Ups, 10 Push-Ups X 5 Times (NO REST between sets)

NOTE: Mark your time for each Round to track progress & add intensity. Rest only between Rounds.

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Death by Delts

Posted: January 5, 2012 by Bonnie Pfiester in Shoulders
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5 Stations, 10 Exercises, 4 rounds 

This was my workout today with the BCx Club guys. We did this with partners, but you can totally modify it for a workout alone.  If you have a parter, this is how it works. One person does one active station (like a clean and press) while the other person is at a “resting” station (like hanging from a pull-up bar). The person doing the active work is working as fast as they can to complete 15 reps of the exercise so the other person can take a break. Immediately switch and finish 4 rounds as quickly as possible. If you don’t have a partner, hold the “rest” station for 30 seconds.  – Bonnie

15 Kettlebell Swing (Hip Drive)
Dumbbell Punches
4 X

15 Lateral Raises
Hold Front Raise in up position
4 X

15 Clean & Press
4 X

15 Rear Delt
Hands overhead holding 25lb sandbag
4 X

15 Shoulder Press
4 X

This is one Fast and Furious workout for sure!! Sprints make it super intense and the squat presses kill the legs, glutes and shoulders. All in all, your entire body will be toast when this is over and all you needed was a barbell or set of dumbbells. Alright, it’s time to give it all you got!! Post your times in comments below for added accountability. Train Hard!

4 Rounds for Time:
1/4 Mile Sprint
Squat press (Thrusters) 35-45lb for women 55-65lb for men

NOTE: Sprint, not jog, not walk, not limp – SPRINT!!  🙂 On the Thrusters, squat down to 15″ box/aerobics step with risers. You can use a stool, piano bench or folding chair for a guide to hold you accountable. Your rear should lightly touch (not rest) on the box (or stool) to reference depth of each squat. GET-R-DONE!!

This workout’s emphasis is shoulders. We’ll keep them nice and warm with the jump rope and we’ll keep your heart rate up by adding burpees and plyo squats.  Have a great workout!

Shoulder Presses: This BCx Mission is not designed to fly through. To pick the correct weight for the shoulder presses, choose a heavy weight that is difficult to lift, where you may only be able to get 5 in a row. For example, men could do 75lbs-95lbs and women 45-55lbs. If you can do all 15 reps in a row, you are lifting too light of weight.

Plyo Jumps: If you don’t have a plyo box or aerobics step, put a pillow on the floor to jump over. Jump over the pillow and back for 1 count.  (more…)