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Push-Press & Pull Ups

10 Push-presses


10 Rounds

Can’t do a pull up? Here’s a video on ways to modify pull-ups to get the most out of this workout! 🙂



Eccentric Workout

Posted: June 2, 2012 by Bonnie Pfiester in Back, Chest, Conditioning, Strength

An eccentric contraction is what we often refer to as a “negative” in weight training – he part of the exercise when we let the weight down. For instance, when we do bench press, we push the weight up and then we resist the weight down, which is the eccentric contraction.

The eccentric contraction is one of the most important parts of the muscle development. However, many times people just “drop” the weight and miss out on the benefits of the negative contraction. To learn more about why Eccentric training is so effective, read Iron Man Magazine’s article: How Eccentric Training Speeds Muscle Strenth Gains.

10 Negative Pull Ups
20 Negative Push Ups