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Push-Press & Pull Ups

10 Push-presses


10 Rounds

Can’t do a pull up? Here’s a video on ways to modify pull-ups to get the most out of this workout! 🙂





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BCx Slam, Roll, Toes2


Click on the links below to see video instruction:

Medicine Ball Slam (We use a soft med ball)

Decline Roll Up (or Reverse Crunch)

Toes to Bar

BCx 4-Week Workout Program

Posted: December 31, 2012 by Bonnie Pfiester in Boot Camp
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Need a workout program to follow that doesn’t require a lot of equipment or money? Then BCx is just what the doctor ordered!

boot camp

We designed this four-week online version of our Florida-based BCx Boot Camp program so you can do BCx no matter where you live. The journey you’re about to take with us will be challenging—you will sweat, you will scream, and you’ll be so happy you did. If you promise to give us 100%, we promise to match your effort—and then some!

Each fast-paced workout combines a variety of training techniques that test your agility, balance, strength, and cardio capacity. Rest? There’s little time for that! Four weeks from today, you can expect to look and feel transformed into a true athlete, inside and out. Just getting back in the game? It’s easy to modify BCx™ to your fitness level and goals.

Our online BCx Boot Camp provides 6 workouts that are repeated for 4 weeks – or longer if you want! It’s this simple:

Your Workouts:

Hover over “4-Week Program” at the top navigation bar to locate workouts, listed by day (Monday-Friday). Each workout has a link to the matching video to explain each workout. The workouts are in the following order.

Monday: Lower Body Mission
Tuesday: Upper Body Mission
WednesdayCardio & Conditioning Mission
Thursday: Legs & Glutes Mission
Friday: Core & Upper Body Mission
Saturday or Sunday: Bonus Workout

BCx Tools

Here are all the tools you’ll need to succeed:
 BCx Workout Videos to learn each exercise and watch pace & intensity
Print BCx Boot Camp Workout Sheet (cheat sheet to follow program after you learn the workouts
Print & Read the BCx Workbook (Free if you promise to do the program)
Print Print Progress Tracking Sheet (track you progress using this worksheet)
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Sample Workout Video: Ten Four Workout from the 3rd workout on Day 3

BCx Works! Look at the results:


before & after

AFTER:after pictures

Learn More at

Reediculous Shoulder Workout 
10 Reediculous Shoulder Press
10 Reediculous Lateral Raise
10 Reediculous Front Raise
10 2-Pump Rear Delt Fly

(repeat 3 x)

Workout A is all about up and down. Since the Savage Race will have you up on your feet, like running through the Rubbers, as well as covering some serious territory crawling on the ground, or through pipes like the Colon Blow, you’re going to have to be ready. To kill this race, Burpees will train your body to pop up fast after a low crawl, as well as get your cardio in tip-top shape. High Knees will strengthen your hip flexors so you clear the Rubber tires and minimize tripping. Let’s get this sweat-party started!

10 Burpees
30 High Knees through your own virtual tire run.

Tools: Use chalk, athletic agility ladders, bands or tires.

There are 8 individual workout segments we will be using over a 4-week period to get YOU ready for a Mud Run like SAVAGE RACE. Do the workouts in the order written on three days a week. Although you don’t have to do a SAVAGE RACE to train like a SAVAGE, we encourage you to join your Designer Whey resident trainers as they attend SAVAGE RACE in Central Florida October 20th. Visit for more information and like us on Facebook to learn how to join Steve & Bonnie for one mud run to remember!

Get the whole workout at
For more BCx Workouts visit
Learn more about the Savage Race at

Steve Pfiester explains his lower body workout for the 2nd half of the Summer Shape Up Challenge at Designer Whey.

Complete 15 of each exercise:

SEGMENT #1 (right leg first)
Plyo Squats
Side Kicks
Quadruped Circles
(repeat on left leg)

1 Leg Roll Ups
Lunge Knees (Step ups)
Squat Abduction

Straight Leg Deadlifts
Hamstring Curls

FOR EXTREME CARDIO THRILL SEEKERS ONLY! Perky Jerky is known for their love for extreme sports and extreme snacks, so we put together an extreme workout just for our Perky Jerky friends! If you like to get your heart rate up and burn a ton of calories, then do these exercises 3 rounds for time for the most intensity.
Plyo Jumps
Plyo Surfers
Squat & Press

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