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Push-Press & Pull Ups

10 Push-presses


10 Rounds

Can’t do a pull up? Here’s a video on ways to modify pull-ups to get the most out of this workout! 🙂




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BCx Slam, Roll, Toes2


Click on the links below to see video instruction:

Medicine Ball Slam (We use a soft med ball)

Decline Roll Up (or Reverse Crunch)

Toes to Bar

BCx Trainers: This workout is designed for training groups of 3 or more.

BCxers: If you are doing this solo, start by timing your reps at station #1. Use that time to set your pace for #2 and #3. If you are doing this with a workout partner, Rotate  stations #2 and #3 each round (do #1 and #2, then do #1 and #3).

pull upsSet up 3 stations:
#1 Pull up bar
#2 Resistance bands with low attachment
#3 Floor space.

The person at the #1 pull up bar station sets the pace for the other stations.

The Workout:

#1 5 Pull Ups & 10 Toes to Bar X 2
#2 Band Adduction Iso Hold
#3 Push Ups

#2 & #3 continue until #1 is finished with 2 sets of pull ups and toes to bar. Then everyone switches stations until they’ve hit each station. Complete 5 rounds. Watch the video to see the pace and feel of the workout.

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Steve Pfiester explains his lower body workout for the 2nd half of the Summer Shape Up Challenge at Designer Whey.

Complete 15 of each exercise:

SEGMENT #1 (right leg first)
Plyo Squats
Side Kicks
Quadruped Circles
(repeat on left leg)

1 Leg Roll Ups
Lunge Knees (Step ups)
Squat Abduction

Straight Leg Deadlifts
Hamstring Curls

Have you ever heard of the children’s game, Green Light, Yellow Light, Red Light Stop? If so, you’ll recognize the inspiration for this GNC workout: 3 exercises, each 25 Fast, 15 slow, followed by a 45 second isometric hold – done for 3 rounds.

Air Squat
25 Fast
15 Slow
45-Second Hold

 Push Ups
25 Fast
15 Slow
45-Second Hold

25 Fast
15 Slow
45-Second Hold


5-N-10 Upper Body Workout

Posted: March 6, 2012 by Bonnie Pfiester in Conditioning, Upper Body
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3 Circuits, 5 Rounds for Time. 

GOAL: Complete the following in 10 minutes, 7 minutes for rock stars

Push-press (HEAVY > guys: 95lbs girls: 55lbs)
10 Dumbbell Lateral Raise (LIGHT > guys: 15lbs girls: 5lbs)

5 Times

10 Mountain Climber
5 Times

Pull-up (girls can do 3 pull-ups, or assist with band)
10 Dumbbell Biceps Curl (MEDIUM > guys: 55lbs girls: 35lbs)
5 Times

REST 3-5minutes and repeat entire workout for time again. Total workout should take around 20 minutes or less, depending on your fitness level.

NOTE: If you are faster, you may need to go heavier with your weight. 

Fat Burning Blitz

Posted: January 26, 2012 by Bonnie Pfiester in Full Body
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This fast-paced workout is designed to melt fat and sculpt muscle. All you really need is a set of dumbbells or a barbell – exercises can be modified according to your fitness tools. You will need a pull-up bar (or resistance bands to do pull downs) OR you could do HEAVY Bent Over Row instead of pull-ups. Perform the following exercises with little to no rest between exercises and be sure to record your time. The workout is 2 sets of 6 exercises done 3 TIMES for time. The idea is to perform the moves faster, as you get fitter!

CLICK HERE to get the complete workout, including instructional video at FitStudio.