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Posted: May 3, 2013 by Bonnie Pfiester in Abs & Core, Boot Camp, Conditioning, Workout
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BCx Slam, Roll, Toes2


Click on the links below to see video instruction:

Medicine Ball Slam (We use a soft med ball)

Decline Roll Up (or Reverse Crunch)

Toes to Bar


Strength & Cardio Workout using a Tractor Tire.

Tractor Conditioning Workout
10 Alternating Sledge Hammer
10 Hop Overs
10 Inverted Push Ups
10 Skaters
10 Squat Jacks
10 Alternated Sledge Hammer

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Workout by Steve Pfiester
FitFluential LLC compensated me for this Campaign. All opinions are my own.


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This workout is truly a Killer! Steve is limping out the door as I type. Here was today’s workout:

1/2 mile run (outside or on treadmill)

25 Air Squats

25 Squat Thrust

25 Get Ups (no weight, no hands. Get up from laying down similar to turkish getup)

25 Cartwheels (Fast Side Bends – serious oblique work, prepare to be SORE)*

25 Hanging Knees


(Jim Gallagher won at 38:30 minutes. Last guy in at 49 minutes)

*CART WHEELS: Standing with feet wide apart. Hold hands out to side in a T. Bend quickly from side to side,  waving hands where one hand points the sky and the bottom hand is back behind the butt and visible between the legs. This exercise works the core/oblique area.


Fat Burning Blitz

Posted: January 17, 2012 by Bonnie Pfiester in Conditioning, Full Body
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Get ready to sweat!! Try the Fat Burning Blitz. It’s 2 of our BCx Missions (2 circuits done back to back with a short rest in between) that’s coming out with our 6-week boot camp program this spring on FitStudio. The workout comes with video instruction so no excuses!

Give it a try. Rate it, comment on it and share it. We’d love the feedback!!


Here’s a screen shot of the page for a quick glance at what the workout looks like, and for those of you (AKA Gene) that may be limited on which sites you can view at work and will know what to do just by looking at the names anyway …here you go!  🙂 NOTE: the first circuit stops right after the jump rope and should repeat for 3 rounds (I don’t see where it says that on there, but that was how it was written). Then do the second circuit for 3 rounds. Have fun burning calories!!


10 Trusters (25lb weight of choice)
10 Double-unders (jump rope – 2 rotations per jump)
10 Handstand pushups (or wall-ups/modification)
10 TIMES (NOTE: do High Knees if you can’t do double-unders)
(approximately 16 minutes)

1/4 mile sprint
25 burpees
25 Sit Up
(approximately 15 minutes)


4-Part Full Body Workout

1. FAT BURN LEG CIRCUIT leg, cardio, conditioning

Dumbbell Squats (2 sets x 25 reps) )

Walking Lunges for 25 steps (2 sets)

Ski Jumps (1 set 25)

TREADMILL: 2-Minute Jog, 2-Minute Run, and 1-Minute Walk on treadmill Treadmill

OR 2 Minute Jump Rope, 2-Minute Butt Kicks , 1-Minute Walk in Place (for cool down)

2. FAT BURN CHEST & CORE CIRCUIT chest, core, conditioning, upper body, cardio