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5-Minute Abs Circuit

Posted: January 28, 2013 by Bonnie Pfiester in Abs & Core
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Do each exercise for 60 seconds each, back to back, with little to no rest between exercises. I use the Gymboss Interval Timer to track my time.

crunches1. Burpees
2. Sit Ups
3. Oblique Crunch (L)
4. Oblique Crunch (R)
5. Plate Crunch 25lb plate or 15lb-25lb dumbbell

Repeat 3 – 5 times

Design Your Abs Workout

Posted: July 6, 2012 by Bonnie Pfiester in Abs & Core
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 Old School Ab Workout:

  Simple, Challenging & Effective!

25 Sit Ups

25 Knee Roll Ups or Toes to Bar (pictured left)

25 Oblique Crunches (on each side – 50 total)

    Repeat for 3 Rounds

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This Mission is TOUGH. It’s not intended for you to blast straight through without rest. Just bang out as many in a row as you can, shake it out and continue. This should be done for time. It should take between 30-40 minutes to complete.

EMPHASIS: Glutes and full-body conditioning/toning
25LB Dumbbell (DB)/men or 10-15LB DB women

100 1-Leg Dead Lift, with 1 DB  – 100/Right, 100/Left
(Advanced: hold the raised leg’s foot tight to the butt) 
200 Walking Lunges, with set of DBs
(unlike this video, hold the dumbbells down by your side) 
200 Push Ups 
500 Bicycle Crunches (single count)
75 Pull Ups (or HEAVY pull downs with high-tension Bodylastics bands)

Tommy C: 31 minutes
Steve P: 35 minutes
Jim G: 37 minutes
Brian S: 38 minutes 


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Want a good full body/core conditioning workout? Well, hereyago!

This workout consists of 4 different circuits that you’ll do 3-4 rounds of, (3 is a great workout, 4 if you’re hardcore – yep, I said it… game on!). I love utilizing resistance bands, especially Bodylastics bands. Read Bonnie’s product review on Bodylastics bands for more information. This written workout matches Episode 48 on More information on our LiveExercise show below the workout. Have fun!

10 Big Axe Jax (these are plyo jax where your jump out stage is in the air!)
10 Shoulder Press then 10 pulses (I use a green band with two handles and two feet stepping on it. 10-15lbDumbbells can be substituted here)
10 Big Axe Jax
10 Wall-ups then a 10 sec hold on hands with feet up (facing away from a door or wall, place your hands on the ground a few feet away then LIGHTLY step up the wall as far as you can then step back down. Up up down down is your rhythm)