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Steve puts Jason and Derek from the Sideline Radio sports show through a football conditioning workout that kicks their butt! With football season here, maybe this workout can give some of our coaches and dads some ideas for practice and strength/conditioning training. Enjoy!


#1 Resistance Bands Drills
Shuffles & burpees

#2 Conditioning
15 Plyo Jumps
15 Push Press

#3 Football Stomp, Throw & Burpee
Stomps to quick throw
– Hit the Target (Tire hole), do 1 burppee
– Hit the Rim (rim of tire), do 2 burpees
– Miss the Target, do 3 burpees

#4 Race
Plate drag run
15 burpees
15 plyo box jumps
15 push presses
1 Football stomp, Throw & Burpee

This workout was created for the folks at Designer Whey and is perfect when you are pushed for time. It’s simple, it’s fast and it’s effective!

Do 10 sets of 10 reps with 10 seconds of rest, with little rest in between each exercise to increase calorie burn.

  • 10 sets x 10 reps bicep curls
  • 10 sets x 10 reps push ups
  • 10 sets x 10 reps tricep extensions

Steve Pfiester explains his lower body workout for the 2nd half of the Summer Shape Up Challenge at Designer Whey.

Complete 15 of each exercise:

SEGMENT #1 (right leg first)
Plyo Squats
Side Kicks
Quadruped Circles
(repeat on left leg)

1 Leg Roll Ups
Lunge Knees (Step ups)
Squat Abduction

Straight Leg Deadlifts
Hamstring Curls

This is one of four lower body workouts designed by Steve Pfiester to be a part of Designer Whey‘s Summer Shape Up Challenge. You can do it alone, or you can try their other workouts at


1st Circuit
Complete the following exercises for 45 seconds on, and then 15 seconds of rest
Air Squats
Hamstring Curls

2nd Circuit
Complete the following exercises 20 repetitions each.
20 Long Jump
20 Goblet Squat
20 Dumbbell Over & Back Lunge (10 reps on each side)

3rd Circuit
Complete each exercise for 30 seconds each, remaining on the same leg throughout the circuit, and then repeating circuit on the opposite leg.
Runner’s Pose
Warrior I
Warrior II
Warrior III

FOR EXTREME CARDIO THRILL SEEKERS ONLY! Perky Jerky is known for their love for extreme sports and extreme snacks, so we put together an extreme workout just for our Perky Jerky friends! If you like to get your heart rate up and burn a ton of calories, then do these exercises 3 rounds for time for the most intensity.
Plyo Jumps
Plyo Surfers
Squat & Press

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Great for Men AND Women!
This super simple workout may not be complicated, but it is super tough (but doable for everyone) and extremely effective. If you want to build strength and improve your training, this is an awesome way to do it.

10 Negative Pull Ups
10 Negative Push Ups
10 Rounds – 100 total of each!

The negative (or eccentric) movement increases strength fast and allows you to do exercises many people can’t do otherwise. Even if your negatives are fast because you don’t have the strength to resist your weight, you still can benefit from this training. Give it a try!

Strength & Cardio Workout using a Tractor Tire.

Tractor Conditioning Workout
10 Alternating Sledge Hammer
10 Hop Overs
10 Inverted Push Ups
10 Skaters
10 Squat Jacks
10 Alternated Sledge Hammer

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Workout by Steve Pfiester
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