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This was Monday’s BCx Club workout with Steve. This ones great for groups, partners or even done alone. Have fun with this. Do what you can, track your time, compete against yourself!

Can be done with a partner or group. Starting in plank, your opponent does 10 pushups and returns to plank, then you do 10 push ups and return to plank (and continue around the circle, if done in a group), and repeat. When you get fatiqued, you can do pushups on your knees, but ONLY while doing pushups. As soon as any body part hits the ground besides your hands and feet, you are out.

The last man planking wins. Track your time!

1/4 Mile Sprint
25 Thrusters
4 Rounds for Time

15 Double Unders (jump rope 2 revolutions/jump)
15 Bicep Curls (women 30lb/men 40lb)
15 Shoulder Presses  (women 30lb/men 40lb)
30 Partner Tire Push (OR at an angle, let yourself fall toward the wall & push yourself off the wall into standing position)

1ST STATION: 20 Bicycle Situps (Crunch & Punches)
Deadleg drag (walking with hands, letting feet drag behind) across room to 2nd station
2ND STATION: 20 Plyo Jumps on 15″ plyo box or step
inch worm back to 1st station (starting in plank, walking feet up to hands, walk hands further out & repeat, inching your way forward)
4 Rounds
Have a question about one of the moves? Comment below & we’ll be happy to help!
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